MKA – is committed to provide high quality and value-for-business software development services. We always work with cutting edge tools and technologies, taking in mind the current styles & trends while keeping an eye on the future. We are ready to handle every stage of the development process right from problem definition through testing/debugging.

MKA – has expertise in a wide variety of the latest programming language tools and platforms for client-server application.

Our highly qualified and experienced technical team can help ensure that the services we provide fulfill your business expectations. We are confident of our commitment to corporate world to develop and execute the software solutions successfully within committed quality parameters and time lines.

We assume each client has his / her own set of requirements and risks with variation on the following matter: business, functionality, technical design, timelines and cost manage. It is our job to fulfill, respect and advise them accordingly.


System Development

It is developed by application development team.

Application Development

It is developed by application development team.

Digital Media Solutions

Special team of digital marketers are present to do this task.

Database Development

It is developed by SQL developer team with latest DBs.



Extracting the requirements of a desired software product is the first task in developing it. Specification is the task of accurately describing the software to be written. Specifications are very important for external interfaces that must remain stable.


After the Analysis report the next phase that is design part is carried out, according to the specifications gathered in analysis report. The design must be easy to use and without any complications.


Reducing a design to code may be the most distinct part of the software engineering job, but it is not necessarily the largest portion.

Testing & Debugging

Testing of parts of software, particularly where code by two different engineers must work together, falls to the software engineer.


An essential task is documenting the internal design of software for the purpose of future maintenance and enhancement.


In this part the developed software product is installed the real time environment and necessary training is provide to the users of this product.

Maintenance And Support

Maintaining is to cope with problems or new requirements; during the implementation part. Most maintenance is extending systems to do new things, which in many ways can be allowed new work. It includes the upgrading of software in future in as per the new requirement or demand of new change and also fixing of the bugs during the operation of the software product.